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July 3, 2014

Double Cereal Dispenser & Single Cereal Dispenser MURAH GILER-GILER!

Double Cereal Dispenser : Harga RM59.00

Single Cereal Dispenser : Harga RM49.00

Double Cereal Dispenser Murah

Double Cereal Dispenser Murah

» Full control over the amount you desire

» The amount control system allows you to dispense cereal without breaking it.

» Hermetically sealed to preserve freshness for longer periods of time.

» Economical, avoids waste and spills.

» Suitable for all kinds of cereal and granola.

» Convenient, very easy to clean.

» Made from high quality plastic material and finish.

» Each container contains a minimum of 16 oz of dry food.

Double Cereal Dispenser Murah

Suitable for any variety of dry food. Cereal. Granola. Rice. Beans. Candy. Nuts.

Sanitary. Very easy to clean. Avoid waste and spills.
Double Cereal Dispenser Murah

Portion Control. Saves time and hassle. Rotates both left and right for 360 tap rotation.
Double Cereal Dispenser Murah

Air-tight seal keeps food at maximum freshness.
Double Cereal Dispenser Murah

Convenient access. Holds 17.5 oz. (500g) or approx. 1 gallon (3.5 L)


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