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July 3, 2014

Borong Sabun Alpha Arbutin Soap Termurah

Wholesale Alpha Arbutin Soap

1 pc: RM8.00
5 pc: RM6.00 x 5
10 pc: 5.00 x 10
20 pc: RM4.50 x 20
50 pc: RM4.30 x 50
100 pc: RM4.00 x 100
200pc: RM3.80 x 200
(Price not included)

wholesale prices as low as RM4.xx

Alpha Arbutin Soap contains a mixture of alpha. Inhibit the enzyme tyrosinase yangbertindak reply with melanin in the skin. Thereby reducing the scars and dark spots. Skin becomes natural.
Alfa also inhibits melanin pigmentation process in every step.
Can adjust the color of your skin whiter in a short time.
How to use: Use as an ordinary soap as required,
As a result the skin whiter and brighter, dark spots, scars will
THE SOAP alpha arbutin
1) Replace the old skin cells into new skin cells.
2) To make the skin more moist.
3) In the formulated from SWITZERLAND.
4) Reduce dark spots, freckles, acne and scars.
5) improving and healthy skin.
6) To make the skin smooth and supple.
7) Ability to make the skin more evenly within 7 days / with the use of
1- Create a mask for 30 minutes and rinse with water.
2- Or use the soap as usual,
*** Guaranteed to be the result of your skin whiter and brighter, black spots and scars
wounds will disappear.


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