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July 12, 2014

Acuan kuih raya : Jiajiale Cookie Machine : RM28.00 sahaja

Jiajiale Cookie Machine
Harga Rm28.00

*Aluminium cookie press with 20 discs in the shapes of stars, Christmas trees, snowflakes, and more.

*Includes 4 decorating nozzles suitable for decorating cupcakes or cakes.

Product specifications and features
*Packaging dimensions: 22cm (L) x 16cm (W) x 6cm (H)
*Packaging weight: 0.5kg
*Cookies press and discs material: ABS and aluminium alloy
*20-piece discs with different shapes such as stars, Christmas trees, snowflakes, and more
*Decorating nozzles (colour subject to availability) suitable for decorating cookies, cupcakes or cakes

One-Press Cooking Utensils Help Cut Kitchen Time 

The simple design only needs you to refill the dough compartment, screw on your choice of design disc and press down; creating a batch within minutes.

20 decorative discs give you ideas on what you can try; designs you may not have attempted before or even thought of.

The aluminium body allows quick and easy cleaning, and reduces time to clear wooden boards, rolling pins and cookie cutters. 


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